Win your Castle

Running Costs for Orchardton



Rates: £2650 per annum

No Rate: Water is private and waste is private also.


Generally fix things if they go wrong, just like a large house.

This is normally making sure that the wooden paneling is oiled annually.

Chimneys in use need to be cleaned out. We only use between 2 and 4 at moment. There are over 38 working chimneys.

I am happy to provide more information, help and opportunities that currently exist for it to the winner but cannot enter into individual dialect on it.

Suffice to say, there are so many things you could do with it.  If I was able to stay, I would pursue one of these myself and already have a working plan to pass on.

The winner will have a chance to view Orchardton Castle before accepting the prize.

Someone may want the prize, but it may not be practical for them. In this case, I will offer a cash or alternative prize.


Orchardton has never been short of people interested in buying, it has mainly been the stamp duty which has deterred people. Even now I have a growing list of interested parties, so if you want to take cash instead, I am only to happy to oblige. All entries help us meet the charity targets.

Ways to offset the costs

Orchardton Castle already has fire doors, alarms and other fire safety precautions .


No planning is required for bed and breakfast. Letting out 2 rooms. You would need fire consent and water consent. using only 2 rooms on a 5 night basis - turnover should be around £50,000 per anum


DIY weddings, that require no input rather than supplying the building, can bring in over £7500 per week on 3 weddings. Running a wedding business could bring in over £25,000 per week.

We are only 40 miles from Gretna where they run 5000 per year.

I also have people who wish to run a wedding business here so if you win, we could help you set up and they could run it for you if desired.


Rent it out. Self catering -   £1000 - £1500 per night. I have also had offers of monthly rental for £7500 per month.


Rent out to film and TV companies, they take care of all their insurance and there is little you have to take care of.