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After surviving a devastating housefire in 1999 , caused by a TV on standby, I received insurance money that allowed me to buy my dream home. In 2003 I found Orchardton Castle and made the move from Great Yarmouth to the Scottish Riviera.


With so much natural beauty and history Orchardton gripped me immediately. I felt safe, as the property had previously been a school, there are strict fire precautions in place. I found a magical, tranquil and healing place; the castle and its lands have their own micro climate due to the Gulf Stream and the sheltered bay. I finally was able to have my own horse and ride, something I had always wanted but had never been able to do in the past. After an accident, I couldn't ride anymore and I had to put my horse on loan. I still see her and she is happy.


My plan was to rescue some sheep and heal in nature. I ended up with three brilliant intelligent sheep and Ben, a lovable ball of wool but not too bright, plus a horse, three dogs and two cats.

Then in 2009 I gave birth to my wonderful son Byron .  After a separation in 2016, it became just myself, Byron and Freyadog (plus three wild cheeky peacocks) to enjoy the five acre gardens.


Due to bad health hitting the family I was unable to recover financially.  Brexit and the vote for Scottish Independence also stalled sales.  However, there is always someone interested in buying.   I have had offers of a million pounds from the USA with the buyer wishing to buy it unseen. Now I would like to give someone else the chance to live here and make something of it, especially as this is a way of making money for charity and good causes.


My dearest desire now is to move closer to my mother, she is 90 next year, and provide a stable home for my son. Although I still have a deep love for nature, animals and Orchardton Castle.

The competition is a great way to make money for important causes and I only need enough to have somewhere for my family to live.


I would be happy to introduce the winner to the property and to discuss the ample opportunities for businesses Orchardton possesses, if you wish. Or help them to market it quickly, or the winner may wish to take a cash prize. The competition itself has brought forth many interested parties to buy.

It will be sad to leave Orchardton behind for many reasons,  I currently have a book on Amazon; ‘Deadlanders’ by Swan DeWinter, (please don't ask, my son thought it was nice, swans and winter…). It is science fiction and romance with a touch of comedy about the end of the world as we know it.

Any copies of ‘Deadlanders’ (paperback or Kindle)bought will also receive two free entries. Just fill in the entry form and put ‘book’ in the payment field.

We also have a Christmas soundtrack  - the video was filmed at Orchardton last year during refurbishment.


I wish you luck and hope the winner can build as many wonderful memories as I have in a very special place.

Just us now. Time to downsize!


Break up and reconciliation through the eyes of pets.

Secluded -  but not remote. Within 50 miles of  the English border and the famous Gretna Green.