About us

Thank you to everyone who supports the competition and want to help families, like those that Rainbow Children's Trust helps and of course, the animals that need our help, both here and abroad.


The more you share the competition, the more people enter and the closer the target gets.


A couple of weeks ago, I was made aware by my husband, with whom I have been separated for nearly 18 months,  is suffering from Cancer and wanted to return here to his family. We are hoping that the healing  climate will help him  recover the health he has lost since he left. He has now had a successful operation and is recovering. Thank you for all the good wishes.


I note that many house competitions in the past, have run for many months, even a year. I thought that this was such a good opportunity that I would be able to meet the target very quickly.

However, it seems that most people think the competition is too good to be true and we have not had a good entry rate, though many people have visited the web site.


We came late to Facebook but now I see it as a way to keep people informed of what is going on. Plus you can see a breakdown of how the prize money will be split.


With something like this -  it  would be possible to reach the top target  of 550,000 in one day if we had the right publicity and it went viral. We are striving to get more publicity now both in the UK and abroad.


I am now uploading regular videos and will be hosting more live events over the coming weeks plus we have our mini competitions which we hope people will be interested in.


If you run a company and want to support the competition please feel free to get in touch. We would love to add some caring company logos to our site.


Secluded -  but not remote. Only a few miles across the sea and you are can get to the Lake District.