How to enter the competition

1)  Make a payment or buy a product (song or book) which offers free entries. You can enter as many times as

 you like. If you buy 5 entries with any method by 24 February, you have the chance to win 50 entries!

2) Fill in the entry form. This is a skill competition, based on answering the questions correctly:

Which town was named happiest place to live in Scotland this year, 2017?   1.Dumfries / 2.Inverness / 3.Dublin

How far across from Orchardton Castle is it to Maryport, England, by sea?   a) 17 miles b) 1700 miles c) 170 miles

3)   Your tickets are virtual. You will receive an email from us confirming your entry. If you do not receive

the confirmation message within 48 hours, please check your spam box.

4)  If you prefer to text use rather than fill a form in. Make your payment first then click here. Easiest method

if on a mobile.

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How to buy an entry


1) Direct bank transfer or by mobile: The best method,  no third parties.

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2)   Credit Card:







You can buy Lowen's Progress by David Burbidge on Amazon and get 2 entries as well. After you have bought the book here, don't forget to fill the form to get the entries.

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We cannot enter you without an entry form and filled in questions. By entering this contest you declare that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of entry.


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Mini Competitions

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Closes 24th February. Winner 26th February.


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