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21st February 2018

Email problems persist so look out for text confirmations. We like to make sure that people hear from us. You can now text your entries to us as well. Just include your name and the answer to the questions plus method of payment, see the text entry examples. Text entries will be responded to as soon as they are tallied up with payment. Direct bank is still best way to buy entries or through Pingit. The competition receives the whole amount.

Feedback is always welcome. A lot of people visit the site but don't buy an entry, we would love to know why. If everyone who visited bought an entry, the competition would reach the targets easily.

I am non political but I do put things on my Twitter for animals and children in need or in danger.

The Facebook page sticks with the competition but maybe my twitter is not for the feint of heart.


14th February 2018

Happy Valentine's day to everyone. I hope you are all with someone you care about and that life is good.

We have been experiencing some issues with our email which could have affected the last couple of weeks, so if you did not get a confirmation from us after checking your spam box, you should get one soon. We may also be doing some confirmations by text. This has only just come to light so apologies to anyone wondering why they haven't heard. We most certainly sent an email, but it went into the cosmos and was then destroyed as spam.  Thankfully this has now been rectified.

We have a new promotion on for 5 entries, which gives you the chance to win 50. Everyone who buys 5 entries in the next ten days will automatically be entered into the mini competition. Don't forget to fill in the form and answer the questions. Thank you for visiting the site and for chatting with me on Facebook or Twitter. All best Susan.


2nd February 2018

A lot of people have suggested so many great charities in their emails, we have decided to increase the amount of money that will be donated. The first 5 people that will be drawn from the winning entry forms in May will win a cash prize. Plus the second prize will be the beautiful limited Edition Murano Glass Sculpture by Dino Rosin, which I bought in Venice many years before coming to Orchardton.


1st Prize: Orchardton Castle, Freehold and £10,000 donated to a charity of your choice.


2nd Prize:  Limited Edition Murano Glass Sculpture by Dino Rosin plus £10,000 donated to a charity of your choice.


Other Prizes: 3 runner up prizes of £10,000 donated to a charity of your choice.

Limited Edition Murano Glass Sculpture

by Dino Rosin



As we get more winners form mini competitions -  we will post them in the blog.


Winner of Yulin mini competition: Hannah Staniforth. (UK)

Hannah receives 4 x her entries  -  giving her an extra 20 free entries.

Winner of Rainbow Children's Trust : Andrew Taylor. (UK)

Andrew has chosen to accept 40 entries into the competition. Rainbow received £205.

Winner of Weekend at Orchardton: Carla Zazulak. (NZ)

Carla chose 70 free entries into the competition.


Don't forget all mini entries also go into the main Orchardton competition to win the castle. Provided the main question is correct.

21st January 2018.

This week we are offering promoted entries on Eventbrite -  no fee on single entries and bonus ones on more.

Our new song should be online soon, it is just in the editing phase. We will then say goodbye to the 'Happy Christmas' song. I enjoyed writing and recording it and thank you for listening!

Our next song will be a wrap, no not that sort of wrap, a rap featuring Orchardton.


I am also looking to add more prizes as we know there can only be one big winner but wouldn't it be nice to win something even if you don'get the main prize?

News on the extra prizes in a few days.


I have also decided to add a donation to a winners favourite charity as well. Not just for the main prize but for new ones that we are adding. People have particular charities that they support for their own reasons, some of them very personal. I want people to be able to not just win for themselves but to make a difference for something they believe in. So many charities and good causes were put forward, hopefully, this way, we can include a lot more.

28th January 2018

This week we are running an extra 2 entries if you buy a TRIPLE package on Eventbrite .

We should be adding the new credit card company soon. We will still be taking entries via bank transfer as well.

We are adding runner up prizes over the next week or so, just finalising what they will be.

Please tell people about the competition. If everyone waited until the last moment to buy entires, as people do, (I know I do sometimes) and 200,000 people tried to buy tickets in one night -  the servers may not handle it and it wold be a nightmare to handle here. So please, if you see it -  go in for it now. It doesn't mater if you then forget you have entered as we will contact you directly -  if you win -  so you can't miss out and you just might win a wonderful place to live!

21st January 2018.

Audio Message: A warm welcome to the competition by Susan Devere and news about our first mini competition winner.

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