Win your Castle


The draw for the winners took place on 1st June -

Mossburn Community Farm  with running the draw.



1st prize - £65,000

D.Rose (England)

2nd Prize - £7,000

L. Carse (Scotland)

3rd prize - £5,000

T. Ockens (Germany)


Finally I can make an announcement about the prize.

We have been trying to work out the best prize we can.

We did not make it to the minimum, although we kept trying. The UK entries into the competition have been very few and far between. It seems that most people that heard about it thought it was too good to be true and didn't enter or wanted to enter by credit card.

Most of the funds for the competition came in during the last two weeks. .

This is very sad for all of us. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

 What will happen to the castle is something that will have to be addressed.

When I started this competition, it never occurred to me that people would not jump at the chance to live in such a beautiful area with a building that could give them a lifestyle and income that could be a dream come true.


What to do now?

I have since been approached by a company to rerun the competition but with them running it and issuing tickets (something we would have liked to have done) they would take all the payment and a sponsor would guarantee the prize. It would not be possible to turn this competition into that as that needs a fresh start.

However, everyone who has entered this competition will be given free entries if we run again under those guidelines. Because having done it once, though unsuccessfully, I believe that these competitions can work and should. We received publicity all over the world in the last two weeks and any sponsor would have been glad to have that.

I don't like to fail and I do see this as a failure. For the people who did enter, the charities we are supporting and myself. This would relaunch in 6-8 months, run over a longer time period and allow a lot more countries to enter. But as stated, everyone who had entries in this one would automatically get entered in the new one.

This means me staying here for at least another 18 months and clearly that is a problem as I need to get down south to be within an hour of my mother.


The Prizes

Option 1 - Part of the Castle.

I said it would be a castle and I intend to at least talk about that with the winner. See what their ideas are and their situation, see if they wanted to come here or were more interested in a cash prize. I may be able to offer a share of the castle. A few factors here but I'm told it is doable.

This will all depend on who wins it and what their vision is, whether we can make it work together or even whether i can offer them a benefit to whatever does happen here.


Option 2 - Cash Prize.

We have taken in £107,000 and change, most of that was in the last 2 weeks. 15% for the charities and 15% for advertising and all other costs means that we should be left with a prize fund of around £77,000 prize fund. (these figures all need to be tightened up)


We have at least brought a lot of publicity to the causes we supported. I have spoken with Rainbow Children's Trust and they are happy with the publicity we have generated. I will be speaking with the others soon and will be at Mossburn tomorrow for the draw.


If anyone is thinking of running a competition for their house, I believe that they can be done effectively and also I am happy to share any information I can about running them. There will be more info on the site over the next few weeks.

I will continue to campaign against Yulin and will find another way to raise awareness for it.


So there we have it, but I hope people wont be sad and will realise that only one person could have won anyway, and that you have enjoyed the journey, the broadcasts and the dream.

If you have a dream you want to pursue, don't be shy about it, go after it. If things go wrong or people try to stop you, stay true to your goal.


The answer to the lucky dwarf is 7. If you got it right you are in the draw.  This has been a hard, long and costly time, but I have met many wonderful people online and I thank you all for your support. The future is a brilliant mystery, let us see what it holds.


Check out the main charities that will benefit from the competition!


Till we end Yulin dog and cat meat festival, it is never enough.



Contact details:


Tel +44 (0)7825 767670

Address: Orchardton Castle, Auchencairn, Scotland, DG71QL, United Kingdom.